Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Reinventing Yourself

 Reinventing Yourself

Why would you need to?

Where would you begin?

What if the new you scares you?

What if it excites you?

What parts would you focus on?

These are questions we may think about when and if it is your time to reinvent yourself. 

As an educational leader, we encourage teachers and students alike to continue to make an effort towards a personalized goal to reach success. This is a broad idea that can seem daunting to narrow down, but leaders help implement systems that effectively transform learners from every beginning point. That is a momentous task, but it is part of the challenge that so many leaders crave within their domain like education. 

When, then, do leaders begin to hone in on their own pathways towards growth? 

We may have timelines, mentors, building goals, personal goals, but how do we ACTUALLY grow? 

I ask myself this question because I believe there comes a time when we need to stop growing and look at reinvention. That is a transformative action that seems unnecessary to many because we are always going and going. For me personally, I have been on a straight path for many years setting goals and achieving them.

Pushing. Working. Grinding. 

Now, I stop. I listen. I breathe. 

It is time for a new version of myself. I recently had coffee with an old friend who had moments in her life that led to a reinventive self. She and I are similar in our personal pursuit to success and our timelines of reaching those goals are aligned. She worked for a major consumer company making top dollar and decided it was time for reinvention. I asked her what led to this decision and she very specifically shared, "I have had major life moments that most people my age have not experienced. Between the ovarian cancer, experiencing an active shooter situation, and loosing the person I looked up to the most in life, I knew I needed to STOP, LISTEN, and CHANGE." "WOW", I thought. I think my mouth actually dropped in that moment!

Women push to achieve. Women innately care. Women are capable of so much because we were born to DO. One thing we do NOT DO is stop to think about the version we are in this moment because we are so critically focused on all else. 

Now I ask again, how do we know when it is time to reinvent ourselves? Where would we begin? Is is necessary? I am on a personal quest to accept this moment here and now. REINVENTION....BEGIN!