Thursday, September 30, 2021

Mindful Moments


As an educator, I have learned the importance of mindfulness inside and outside school walls.
I know children from all walks of life benefit from having time set aside each day to have deep
breathing, relaxation and a moment of intentionality. It is a lot harder to complete this as a mom!
I have had to work hard to reroute my own thinking with my own kids who are 8, 6, and 4. We love
swimming, climbing trees and looking for bugs! It seems “on the go” rings true with my little loves!
In order to progress to more mindfulness at home, I have started Mindful Mondays. This allows our
family to be purposeful with our time in slowing down on Monday evenings. We recently started
using the Yoga Spinner Game from this school supply website and it has been a huge hit! I truly believe we owe it to ourselves to be in the moment, listen to our
bodies, and embrace our inner peace. I started my Nike Training workout app and it has provided
some great mindful training and body awareness. My favorite part is that my darlings are joining in!


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