Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Blissful Union


Young love. When you think about those who have fallen in love and make the

commitment to have and to hold one another til death do them part what comes to mind?

Passion. Smiles. Date Nights. Endless time to spend talking, laughing, loving…..

Witnessing this union for two souls early in adulthood is a beautiful experience. As I enter the season of almost two decades of choosing my partner and husband every day, I reflect on this young love and wonder what makes love evolve over twenty years. 

Is it the college experience miles apart? 

Is it choosing a career path and meeting those demands with intensity?

Is it changing careers and making sacrifices like time, location and ultimately giving up your own identify to allow your partner's new one to form?

Is it living seas apart to fulfill military obligations for a purpose larger than one can imagine?

Is it the birth of three children entering the world you once knew as yours and is now theirs?

Is it the loss of two babies in the midst of parenting chaos?

Is it the loss of loved ones generations apart but souls so close?

Is it the nightly home projects that become the focus of your eye in order to add some normalcy to this new life?

Is it the countless anniversary flowers from JUST FLOWERS that represent the beauty of love?

What makes love evolve and morph into a familiar companionship that still holds the passion and fire to choose your partner every single day?


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