Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Ren·o·vate in Reality

As an English teacher by trade, I find myself dissecting words on a constant basis. When I think of the word “renovate”, naturally, I break the word apart. Renovate meaning · Renovate is to restore something to a newer or better state. · To impart new vigor to; revive. · To make fresh or sound again, as though new; Archaic version: refresh; reinvigorate

1 restore to a previous or better condition

2 make brighter and prettier

3 give new life or energy to

I love finding meaning in the words we use so often in our vernacular. We live in an amazing home, in an amazing neighborhood with amazing schools for our children. Our home is where we establish a family core. It is where we laugh. It is where we cry. It is where we create memories. 

When we moved into our home a few years ago, although beautiful, our house told the story of the previous family who lived here. The walls were colored with their moments, the layout was tailored to their needs, the style represented their wants and desires. 

In March 2019, Eric and I woke up one morning while hunkering down during the pandemic and said, “It’s time to tear down a wall!”

It was time for our family to make our mark on our house, officially making it our home. 

Naturally, we wanted to take the kids on this journey of giving our home new life. Get a hammer and let’s go!