Monday, August 30, 2021

Growing Pains

My teenage years were effortless yet tiring

My 20’s were adventurous yet confusing

My 30’s have been stable yet different

Throughout the seasons of life, we experience different motivations, different body sizes, different stressors and different means of happiness. As I have gone from the rainforest of Costa Rica to the mountains of Switzerland, I have learned that with each season of life we have growing pains. I have spent the majority of my life putting others before myself and loved every moment. I taught middle school and English learners. I served as a linguist in the military. I have been an elementary administrator and now, I enter a new season and feel the pains of grieving my hard work in education in anticipation of sharing my story with others as a part-time consultant and full-time mom. I will go from wearing belted wool pants to mom jeans! I am humbled by my adventures that have shown me so many parts of this amazing Earth yet eager to see more. I am taking a leap from being a principal to staying home with my three children after an incredibly challenging year and half through the world’s most recent turmoil coined “the pandemic”. Even though I share my inner struggles with my best friend who is also my husband, I needed to write about this major transition to grieve one season in order to begin another. I am so proud of where my career has led me. I now need to center myself with deep breathing and words of encouragement as I put my full self into parenting with no other priorities at hand. I am nervous, but ready. 


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